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MS Office 365 has been many new features which will make you and your colleague more productive and interested towards their work. It helps you making your business extremely effective and easy for the use not only for business but for personal use also. It is a cloud based subscription which you can download on your computer to get the best of MS Office. You also have option working online in MS Office 365 without any cost.

There is best thing of Office 365 is that it automatically update all feature in new version you have to only pay the subscription fee to it. Microsoft needs to grow your business by increasing the productivity with product also so in Office 365 it has taken collaboration to the next level.

You will get new features which you will enjoy while using in your work as it will make your work more comfortable and easy to handle. Visit here enter product key.

The features of the MS Office 365 such as:


Office 365 is a cloud based subscription, so people can make edit on the same document at the same time and you can able to see that changes and who has made these changes in the same file. You should save that change in share point or in Open Drive. You can share document directly from the application because of integrated sidebar.

Chat with Co- Worker using Office App

In this feature you are able to chat with your colleague and client on Skype while working. Using this app you can share screen and you can do video and audio call with your colleagues. And the best thing of this feature is you don’t have to leave the document in which you are working. You can also have conversation while your colleagues are making edit on the particular file.

Link to File Instead of Attaching them

Attaching file has become the old method Office 365 has bought the option of sharing document. In this you have to upload the file on MS Office 365 cloud, then open the outlook on the cloud and link the file to it. In this outlook will automatically give the permission to edit the file that you are emailing to the people and you can also change the permission any time when you want.

Turn Notes into Calendar

In many business and company client makes notes about the meeting details for their colleagues and sometime you forgot about it and for this situation Microsoft have bring the new feature in which you can convert notes into One Note in which you can mention the reminder and deadlines with the note. In this you can automatically add the other details like date, location and attendees for the meeting they are related with.

Automatically Suggest Images

In this feature there is cloud presentation software which is integrated with Bing image search through which you can automatically suggest image on the base of the words in your presentation and it will update according of edition.

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