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MS Office has bought many new versions and continuously bringing new updates with new features, so people feel invincible while using it. Most of the people think that they have the best version of Office as it is according to your needs and updated but this always not true.

We have bought the options for you through which it will become easy for you choosing the right Office for your work.

While choosing the version of Microsoft office online at, you should keep in mind that some of the Office version is intended which are integrated with cloud or mobile lifestyles which are optional for you.

Free Microsoft office online Users

Many of the people view print and copy office document which authored by others without purchasing it. Some of the Office viewers have become outdated because these options give you limited features than Microsoft Office Online.

These are free, so people think that this is the easy method instead of login in online MS Office. But the online MS Office provides you with many different features for your work to make it more effective.

Free Microsoft office at

The Microsoft Office has free apps which are also a simplified version of Word, Excel, One Note, and PowerPoint. You can use these apps in your android device like Mac and IOS through the internet connection. It makes it easy to handle any place where you are comfortable with Office.

Many users are working through the cloud environment of Microsoft, which known as One Drive. In which they can save the document directly from the page.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows

MS Office 2016 is the latest version of MS Office which is launched in September 2015, and it is the predecessor of Office 2013, and it is opposite of the cloud-based Office 365 because it is the traditional version of the desktop, but it can be integrated. Office 2016 comes in different types of the version with a variety of features which help people in growing their productivity in their business.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

MS Office is the latest version for the users of Mac. In this Mac users can work more smartly with the help of inbuilt word researcher, you can find the right command with the “tell me” option given on the Office 2016. It helps in creating an attractive presentation, reports, and stories. With the help of sway, you can add online canvas to the multimedia, which makes the device too look great. You can also have a flexible option for editing, reviewing and presenting with the capability of touching and inking.

Microsoft Office 365

MS Office 365 is the cloud-based subscription for your system and Mac. It has cloud-based software which works as a service product for business and company environment. Microsoft office online 365 has the feature of automatically updating its features without any additional payment. It helps in making a difference between the mail you get, which make easy for you to read only the important letter and it has hosted the services like Skype and Share point. So, visit at today.

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