How to use MS office free download without paying any amount?

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Follow below points to save money on Ms office

Use of office offline

Our life is incomplete without using Ms office. Due to so much demand, there are numerous apps which have been designed to work on Ms office free of cost. They offer word excel, power point, one note, sway, email, contacts, calendar and much more. You can use these options from any device without paying a penny. You can search for free of cost ms office app, you might not get all features, but it is worth to use them free of cost.

Mobile application

Many employees or working people do their office task from home. You can use your android phone to download office for free. The sad news is that the IOS phone owner still has to wait for free of cost mobile apps.  You can search on Microsoft iTunes listing to find the IOS application.

Students can get MS office free download  of cost from school

If you are a student or a teacher, there are many online platforms which can give access to the free of cost ms office. From the school, you can get ample of features apart from word and excel.

Approach your Boss

If you are working, the best idea is to approach your boss. The company has paid a huge amount to buy the ms office; all you need to take the advantage. This is how corporate people take benefits from their company. There is no need to be shy as the company is paying; it is your effort that matters.

Free trial versions

Many people take advantage of office 365 versions. For some time, you can sign up for the free trial offers. It will help you out for some time. The minimum period may vary from 1-3 months. The free trial version comes with an office package including I TB of storage on one drive cloud. While signing up for the trial version, you have to provide your credit card or debit card details, after the trial, you will automatically be subscribed for the early release.

Free trial for office 365 pro plus

If you are looking for advanced features of the office, then you can further sign up for office 365 pro plus. For which you need to create an account for an evaluation center.

Give a try at TechNet evaluation center.

Microsoft office before launching their features, try out their products. Very few people know that before launch, Microsoft sends the product to the Tech-Net Center for trial. You can approach them and can try their products.

If you don’t want to invest in the office package you can try above options for getting MS office free download.

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