Install MS Office 2016 & Avail Amazing Features

Install MS Office

Microsoft Office 2016 is a new version of Microsoft office productive suite. It is released on July 9, 215 on macOS and on September 22, 2015 on Microsoft window. It is a productive application in which includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Power Point. If you will install MS office 2016, you will find that it has the capability of greater collaboration than the past version of Microsoft Office. With the help of this new version user can share file easily without saving and downloading.

It has updated with many features for the users that will make them easily to handle and with more efficiently and comfortably. We have listed some features you may enjoy after installing office 2016 such as:

  • Real Time Co- Authoring

In this feature you have the capability to work with your colleague in same document simultaneously in the desktop version of MS 2016. And in this colleague can work on the same word document and power point presentation that has been be saved on share point or in one drive without changing on others writing. You have to note that real time typing is feature in which you can see your colleague doing in same document is now only available in MS Word.  In Power Point it works but without real time typing.

  • Simplified document sharing

This feature helps you in sharing the document easily through MS Office 2016. In this you have to click on the share button included in the ribbon. It is available in the excel, power point and word which help you to share your document with your colleague, team members and servers by seeing that who are right now working in the document. In this also you have to save your file in share point or in one drive.

  • Ability to send large file using One Drive

Sharing large file through the UR link to your friends and colleague is a very common but this feature of sharing file has been integrated in the Microsoft 365 which is interested from the productive point of view. When you attached file in the email message in outlook can be automatically converted into the link so that user can click on the download button assuming that they are already synced on to the share point or in the One Drive. Instead of copying local file you can specify to edit or can attach the file.

  • Improved Versioning

Some time by mistake while editing a document or by deleting chunk of file you realised that you haven’t save the file in share point or in One Drive. Then in this case MS Office 2016 allows you to check history directly from the Word, Excel and Power Point.

  • Smart Look

This is the new features in which you can highlight the main words by selecting the smart look from context menu and right click the mouse button. If you will install MS office 2016, you will find that you can use it to highlight the new definition of a word or giving knowledge of unfamiliar word.  It will attract the reader towards the important key.

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