Getting a Clear View of The Ways to Activate & Install Microsoft Office

Install and Active MS Office

Microsoft Office or MS Office is the software that includes different features. It comes out as a popular application using which you can carry out all your works easily comprehending the true importance of digital media. Now, you need to install the latest version of MS office ensuring that you can activate the features at your ease. It helps you to use all the options in the right way and thus you can handle all your bustles efficiently.

Why you product activation?

Product activation is an anti-piracy technology that makes you feel confident knowing that you are using the genuine MS Office. Ensure that the product has a legitimate license and thus you can use the facets confidently knowing that you are in safe hands. And when you activate your software no personal information is being sent to Microsoft that makes you feel safe.

How to activate & Install Microsoft Office?

Here are mentioned the ways following which you can easily activate the software:

  • First, you need to install the software successfully ensuring that all the features are functioning perfectly.
  • Now, go to the ‘Help’ menu where you can find the ‘Activate product’ option and it’s visible for any version of MS Office.
  • Execute the Office Activation Wizard program outside the software. Click the ‘Start’ option; go to ‘Programs’. Next, find the ‘Microsoft Office Tools’ and then click ‘Activate Product’.

In this way, you can now get your Office activated and thus you can use the features without any worries. And this method is applicable for MS Office 2003 whereas the methods for MS Office 2007 are like:

  • Here, you have to go to the ‘Resources’ tab and then click the ‘Activate’ option.

Now, you need to know how to find the ‘Resources’ option:

  • Click the ’Microsoft Office’ option and then go to the ‘Program Name Options’.
  • Once you get to ‘Program Name Options’ you can find the ‘Activate’ option.

While you are activating the software the Office Activation Wizard comes up with a non-unique hardware identification code, which features the configuration of your system. You can thus carry out a safe activation and you won’t have to enter any personal information. You can thus stay safe knowing that you can complete the tasks in your way.

Finally, you can get familiar with the detailed procedure knowing how to activate & install Microsoft Office that gives you the confidence to manage your works without investing much time and effort.


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