How to align text in Open Office Writer?

Open Office is another very popular software after Ms. Office. Since its free, it has gained its popularity in quite a while. Though no doubt, it cannot beat the Ms. Office and the working. Therefore, like Ms. Office, you can even change the horizontal alignment of the text in OpenOffice Writer by highlighting the text you want to change and clicking on the left, center, or right icons on the toolbar. Almost all the icons of Open Office looks similar to Ms. Office and so even these icons as well.

How to change the vertical alignment

Though, for Vertical Alignment OpenOffice Writer does not have a feature like Microsoft Word that allows users to vertically align text. However, you can still do this by using frames. Follow the steps listed below by VSupportLLC TechExperts.

  1. Firstly, Open OpenOffice Writer
  2. Click Insert
  3. Then, Click Frame
  4. Now, In this Frame window under type, change the horizontal and vertical position to center and both to “Entire page.”
  5. As these frames have no borders, so if you wish to keep these borders, click on the borders tab and click None under the Style.

Once you are done with this, you’ll have a frame in the center of your page, which will allow you to then enter any text you want to and you can have it centered in the middle of your page.

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